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XML Stands for Extensible Markup Language and it is a text-based Markup Language derived from Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) that was designed to store and transport data. XML Defines a set of rules for Encoding Documents in a format that is both Human and Machine Readable. XML Tags are Not Predefined in XML, we need to define our own tags.

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Anila fell in love with mobile development when Xamarin was still MonoTouch. According to her, it’s the perfect developer toolset to create applications that delight users across mobile platforms. she was designing Xamarin tutorials, then she realized that, in Xamarin, we are using XML, so it’s better to write XML tutorials for those students who don’t know XML.

Course Overview.

XML Was Designed to Carry data with Focus on what data is. We will use XML in our Android Development. Because of…

  • XML Can work Behind the Scene to Simplify the Creation of HTML Documents for Large Web Sites.
  • XML Can be Used to Exchange the Information between Organizations and System.
  • XML Can be Used for Offloading and Reloading of Databases.
  • XML Can be used to store and Arrange the Data, which can customize Our Data Handling Needs.
  • XML Can Easily be Merged with Stylesheets to create almost any desired output.
  • Virtually, any type of data can be expressed as an XML Document.
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