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Command your computer to do anything for you Like a Pro with this Free Online command prompt (cmd) course.

Command Prompt is a command Line Interpreter application available in most Windows Operating systems. We use Command Prompt to execute entered commands. Most of the commands are used to automate tasks via scripts and batch files to perform advanced administrative functions and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of Windows issues.

About Author

Sardar Omar Love to explorer Computer and always try to learn New things. In this time He decided to Play with Command prompt – cmd command line and explorer the great feature of the system without any limits.

Course Overview.

The command line prompt is one of the most powerful tools within the Windows operating system. It allows users to do almost anything we can do with a GUI, but simply in words.

  • We can work with directories.
  • We can work with  files and folders.
  • We can work with the Internet.
  • Using command prompt, we can make the computer to do anything by just typing the commands
Computer Basic Level 70%
Computer Intermediate Level 80%
Computer Advance Level 99%
For student Learning 88%
Usage For Operation 92%
Popularity In computer World 89%
Recommended to You 89%
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