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The computer is a Vital tool in many different jobs and activities, for adults and children. but using computer for a long time can increase the chance of developing an injury. inappropriate use of computer can cause muscle and joints pain, overuse injuries of the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand and eyestrain.

The Worst Health Problems common with computer user, and Its Solution:

If you spend more then 4 hours in front of the computer everyday. then these health issue could be happen to you:

Musculoskeletal problems:

Muscle Soreness and Muscle Fatigue are the most common complaints of regular computer users. Back pain, Chest pain, pain or numbness in arms, shoulder and feet top the list. These types of problems mainly occur because your posture while using the computer is not correct. Either you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair or your workstation is not supportive of correct posture.

  Top Solution:

Adjust Your chair and desk such that your screen is either at your eye level or lower. sit with your back straight and legs perpendicular to the floor with feet resting flat on the floor or at 30°, 35° Angle. and your Elbows should rest at the sides.
Take Mini breaks from work and stretch a bit or go for a short walk and take short Nap.
Don't sit in a Slouching position as it can lead to MSDs and cause recurring pain, Numbness, tingling and stiffness of Various Muscles.
If you use a laptop stand, use an external keyboard for typing as the raised stand can cause wrist Problems over prolonged use.
Don't sit on the Edge of the seat. Make use of the back support of the chair to avoid strain on back muscles and ligaments.

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Repetitive Stress Injury:

Pain in the Neck, shoulder, or anywhere from the shoulder to fingers may indicate repetitive stress injury. when you Use your Muscles in an awkward Position. You may experience stiffness , pain or swelling in that area. Like Twisting the wrist to use the mouse or specific typing technique that causes stretching of fingers or pressure on the wrist can turn really painful. One of the Disorders that affect the fingers and wrist is Carpal tunnel syndrome

  Top Solution:

Adjust the mouse besides the keyboard. Move your entire arm, while moving the Mouse. Don't just move your wrist by fixing it at one position. Typing should be gentle. Don't fix your wrists in a certain position while typing.
Relax your arms or stretch when you are not typing or using the mouse.

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Vision Problems:

Bright Light and bad glare or flickering image can strain your eyes. Constantly focusing on the screen without blinking can cause Dry eyes Computer Vision syndrome (CVS) . is another Problem that you may suffer from. CVS is not one specific eye problem. instead, the term encompasses a whole range of eye strain and pain experienced by computer users.
CVS is similar to Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries at work. it occurs when you're carrying out some motion over and over again, just like those other repetitive stress injuries, computer vision syndrome can get worse the longer you continue the activity.

  Top Solution:

Adjust the contrast and brightness such that your eyes are not strained. you can tilt your screen to avoid glare.
Maintain a proper distance form the screen. Look away from the screen intermittently.
Don't forget to blink. Blinking is very important when working at a computer. blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.
For the greatest comfort at your computer, you might benefit from having your eyes care professional modify your Eyeglasses prescription to create customized Computer glasses This is especially true if you normally wear contact lenses, which may become dry and uncomfortable during sustained computer work.

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Because of increased Muscle tension or pain in the neck at base of the skull, headache is common problem with computer use. Many times, prolonged use can affect eye power which needs vision correction. This can also result in headache.

  Top Solution:

Get your eye power tested if headache is a common problem with computer use.
Keep your neck straight in front of Computer. Constantly looking down or stretching the neck sideways can also cause pain.
Take breaks in between and circle your neck a bit to release the strain.

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Studies have shown that prolonged use of computers, especially in children, is the major contributing factor of sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.
Today, childhood obesity is on the rise and a mojor pubilc health problem.

  Top Solution:

Set Limits for your children if they insist to playing computer games non-stop.
Encourage your children to play outdoor games like football, cricket or to take up a hobby. involve them in extra-curricular activities.
Adults who work for 7-8 hours should avoid spending time on computer after reaching home. your body and mind both need to relax. join gym or go for evening jog and stay physically active.

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Stress Disorders:

Technology has a huge impact on our behavior and emotions. Modern technology is affecting our sleep. The artificial light from TV and computer screens affects melatonin production and throws off Circadian rhythm, preventing deep, restorative sleep. the person who use computers intensively were more likely to develop sleeping problems. Regular, late night computer use was associated with Sleep disorders, stress and depressive symptoms in both men and women.
Frequently using a computer without breaks further increases the risk of stress, sleeping problems and depressive symptoms in women. and A combination of both heavy computer use and heavy mobile use makes the associations even stronger.

  Top Solution:

Be Proactive and take Necessary measures to beat stress before it affects your health.
Try some Natural remedies to beat stress. and Yoga Classes too.

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Its Never mean that you just stop using computer and throw away, You must use computer and learn coding with info brother. Info brother just want to show you that these all above mention Problems could happen with you. So you must care about it. and use Proper way to work.

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